What you need to know about Lagotto Romagnolo breeders


Lagotto Romagnolo first appeared in history between 1591and 1630, with some references dating to the 1400s. The dog was first spotted in a location called Romagna, Italy. Initially, the dogs were used to retrieve things in the marshes of Romagna, but once the wetlands were drained in the 1800s, these dogs lost their job and identity. These dogs were then trained to retain truffles which they become famous for. They were now used as truffle hunters during the first and second world wars. It is now the only purebred dog in Italy used to hunt edible fungi. They are excellent dogs for pets for the following reasons.

  • They are friendly
  • Obedient
  • Agile
  • Intelligent
  • Adaptable
  • Enjoy digging
  • Highly sociable

Is it the right dog for you?

In terms of exercise, the dog is active and loves playing, spending most of his time outdoors, and swimming. They love to stay exercised all the time. As the owner, you need to give them something to do every time to keep them exercised. They do well in an active family. The dogs do not need a lot of grooming, given that they shed little or completely no hair. You can trim the lagotto hair, but it does not require frequent brushing.

The dog can suffer some little health problems, including;

  • Juvenile epilepsy
  • Shyness and poor temperament
  • Hip dysplasia

Where to get Lagotto Romagnolo?

If you feel it is the right time you get a puppy or a dog pet, you need to start looking for places to find one. While you can find various puppies looking for a place to call home in rescue groups, and animal shelters, some people will be looking for one particular breed due to multiple reasons, including allergies, the size of their yard, but all in all, it will lead to finding a dog breeder for more information. However, anyone can be a breeder, but not all are good at what they do or have the dog's interests at heart. A good dog breeder must meet the following;

  • Breeds dogs that are healthy and free from any genetic diseases
  • Ensure that the dogs bred to stay in a clean and comfortable environment following the laws and policies set out by the state
  • Treats the dogs with a lot of love
  • Do not over-breed the female puppies or dogs

Best Lagotto Ramognolo puppies can be found in these countries:

  • Serbia
  • France
  • Italy

Get recommendations

Many breeders utilize the social media platforms posting pictures, videos and reviews from the previous customers for people to see. You can decide to visit these platforms and see if you can trust the breeder. Alternatively, you can use referrals from customers who will tell you more information about the breeder.

How do you know the breeder meets all the required standards?

  • Ask the breeder to let you visit the parents

When you decide to get a puppy, this should be the first thing to do. It is essential for you to know your future puppy's parents since most puppies inherit genetic and even behavioral traits from their parents. Meeting the parents will give you a rough knowledge of how your puppy will be by looking at how the parents interact with you, and the offspring will tell you how your puppy will look like as he grows up. Utilize all the time you spend with the parents by asking more questions about the dog you want to get. It is normal if one parent is absent, especially the fathers since breeders prefer to keep parents absent, but this has to be after the puppy is eight weeks old.

  •  Visit the puppy's breeding environment

By visiting the place where the dogs are breaded, you know if you are dealing with a responsible breeder. This will let you know if your puppy is growing in a happy and healthy home. Most of the time, a responsible breeder will not object to you visiting their home, but those who are not accountable will make many excuses to fail your visit to their place. If the breeding location is far, you can ask the breeder to take a video of the property where the dog is bred or find someone you know and live nearby to visit the home for you.

  • Veterinary documents

At eight weeks old, a dog must have gone through something’s while at the breeding home. For instance, the dog must have received their first vaccination and veterinary check-up at this age, which will be recorded in the documents. Also, this dog must have a microchip as well as their first parasite prevention treatment. All this information must be documented, and the breeder should provide it to you to present to your vet. Moreover, you can take the consultation notes to ensure that the puppy you are getting is healthy. The microchip details and change ownership number will give you the full rights as the puppy owner.

  •  Get pedigree paper

This is acquired when you, as the buyer, want to know if your dog is purebred. This paper will show you a three generations family tree birth certificate of the dog. The dogs with pedigree paper are always sold at a high price.

  • Exercise patience

Some people will so anxious that they think after meeting the breeder, they will take their dog home the same day. This is never the case because the breeder has to keep the dog with them for about two to three months. This is good for the dog because it will socialize with the mother and other mates. During this time, you also get a chance to make sure that your home environment is suitable for the dog's stay. You can get time to purchase all the necessary supplies for your dog.

Lagotto Romagnolo Price

The cost of buying this breed of dogs varies depending on various factors including the location of the breeder, litter size, reputation, training, among others. However, the current average price of a Lagotto is $3500. This is how much you will expect to pay for your puppy with papers. You can still get a less expensive puppy but without papers for $1000 to $1500. The top quality Lagotto Romagnolo goes for $5400 to $10000. If you opt for top quality, you will not go wrong, you will get puppies from a reliable breeder and you will avoid all the problems that may arise later if you have made the wrong choice.

To sum up, there is no happy feeling than getting your first pet and above all a Lagotto Romagnolo dog for a pet. These dogs are affectionate and form strong bonds with their owners and the entire family members. However, before going into the market and picking any dog for yourself, you need to find the right breeder to work with. The breeder will give you all the information you need about your Lagotto so that you don't face problems when you take the dog home.