Lagotto Romagnolo Price - Everything You Need To Know

The Lagotto Romagnolo, also known as the Italian Truffle Dog, is a mid-sized breed developed in medieval Italy as a water retriever during hunting for its great sense of sniffing. It is known for wooly curls covering the body head to tail with lavish eyebrows, beard, and whiskers. So what's the Lagotto Romagnolo price, why are Lagotto Romagnolo puppies so expensive? Let’s dive in!



A rare breed

    One of the significant reasons why Lagotto Romagnolo price so high is the shortage of breeders in the US. The ancient bred was about to become extinct in the 70S but was revived by an Italian breeding group committed to sharing its specialties outside Italy. You might find yourself on the waiting list to get one of these curly cuties. And if you get your hand on one Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, the overall costs will be more than most purebred puppies. However, the cost is nothing compared to the loyalty, love, and companionship provided by this wonderful breed to your family.

    Excellent nose

      The Italian truffle dog is famous for its excellent nose who roots out truffles, a pricey and dainty delicacy. This breed is the oldest water retriever used to fetch ducks from the Italian marshlands. Some people are very eager to consume this rare delicacy that they will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the pleasure. As truffles grow underground and might not be seen ripening, they are found by detecting the mature truffle's aroma. With its great nose and keen work ethic, the Lagotto Romagnolo breed can easily be trained to use its super nose for scent work.

      Affectionate nature

        Lagotto Romagnolo breed is very loving and affectionate and always turns out to be great family dogs. The dog gets well with just about anyone, and after socialization, they will also get on with other animals pretty well. The Italian truffle dog loves being around children and other pets, but it is essential to socialize and introduce all the parties when the dog is still a puppy. They can also be housed with other animals because they have low temperaments.

        They are hypoallergic

          For dog lovers with allergies, the Lagotto Romagnolo breed offers a perfect hypoallergic option. It is no surprise that Lagotto Romagnolo price is very high. Their teddy-bear looks should not fool you. The breed’s unique curls behave and feel like human hair than fur. This breed of dogs shed very little of their soft fluffy sheep wool-like coat, making them hypoallergic. This makes the dog fit right in with your family without the issue of allergic fur all over the household. However, the coating does require a good deal of grooming.

          A cute breed

            Finally, the Lagotto Romagnolo is one of the cutest dog breeds anyone would like to have around their home. The Lagotto has a rustic appearance and a muscular build. It has beautiful coats that include one or more colors. They might be orange, cream, golden, or brown, plus they can be single-colored or have markings and patches of the color combinations. When looking for Lagotto Romagnolo puppies for sale, you can select the preferred color that appeals to you most.

            Easy to train 

              Lagotto Romagnolo is a highly amenable and intelligent dog. When it comes to training, the dog is attentive and enjoys pleasing its owner. They also love being challenged and stimulated for their wonderfully attentive brains. They can solve doggy puzzles for treats very quickly and are fantastic to watch. They sometimes display an almost human level of emotion and intelligence. The owners hence require to devote their time to training and mental enrichment.

              Loyal to family

                Another remarkable aspect of Lagotto that makes it one of the most expensive breeds is its deep family loyalty. Lagotto Romagnolo puppies tend to establish deep bonds with their family and tend to be shy to strangers. Hence, it is essential to give the puppy early socialization to help it grow up to a social and confident dog. You can also consider enrolling your puppy in socialization class as early as possible to expose it to positive experiences during its formative weeks.

                What Is The Lagotto Romagnolo Price?

                  Since the Lagotto Romagnolo is such a rare breed, you should be ready to make a significant investment. This breed was only presented to the AKC in 2015, and only a few breeders in US are selling this dog. The Lagotto Romagnolo price in the US is generally between $3500 and $5500. The top quality Lagotto Romagnolo goes for $5500 to $10000. If you opt for top quality, you will not go wrong, you will get puppies from a reliable breeder and you will avoid all the problems that may arise later if you have made the wrong choice. As such, some of these canines get sold at auction. Rescuing is also an option, but it’s rare to find a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy at a shelter. If you are lucky enough to find one of these dogs finding to be rescued at a shelter, you are likely to spend lesser with adoption fees, normally between $50 and $400.

                  Bottom Line

                    When looking for Lagotto Romagnolo puppies for sale, as with any dog, ensure to meet the parents of the dog and ask the breeder about any behavioral problems. Known for their affectionate, dedicated, and eager-to-please nature, these dogs are suitable household pets. With all these unique qualities over other dog breeds, it is now easy to understand why the Lagotto Romagnolo price is so high.